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about us

Inception of Tyagi Guns

The company was started by the late Shri Mahindra Tyagi in 1984 and is run by Manish, Ashish and Vishal Tyagi.

Gunning for glory!

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Why Your Should Use Our Services

More the 1400 Films Database

Also, we have catered to more than 1400 films, and apart from guns, the other services we provide are arms, ammunition, armory, blasting works, fireworks, hanging works and cannon works.

Total 5000 Gun Replicas

Our database boasts of more than 5000 guns – a figure which swells every year. All different variety catering to the entertainment industry

Our Services


Tyagi Guns provide Rental Guns and Weapon's PROPS FOR TV, FILM & PRINT. Tact-Team, Gun Props, Weapon Props, Dummy Guns, Inert Guns, Pyrotechnicians, Gun Shot Special F/X

Visual Effects

VFX industry is an essential component of blockbuster movies. We provide for both feature films and television series offering flexible and cost effective service

Film Special Effects

At Tyagi Guns We provide visual effects and 3D computer animation solutions for films, broadcast television, medical, architectural visualizations, game movies, corporate ...